Monday, 11 August 2008

**Birthday Girl Update**

This weekend Naomi and I collected and delivered all the fabulous works of art that were created at Claytime last weekend at her birthday bash.

I had intended to take photos of them all before delivering them, but sadly lack of time on Saturday meant this wasn't possible. So you'll just have to trust me that the finished results were fabulous.

However ... I can show you Naomi's unicorn and my wee elliebank ...


and as a permanent keepsake, Naomi received this lovely plate ... decorated with all her friend's thumbprints on it.

Isn't that a super reminder of a wonderful occasion?


jude said...

Oh Max what agreat idea and to come away with some lovely keepsakes .the plate im sure Naomi will treasure,sounds like you had fun!

Ann said...

oh what a fabulous party. Love the plate - it certainly will be something brilliant for her to treasure.

Ann xxx

tiggertastic said...

Thanks for posting an update Max hun,

I just love the Keepsake, what a very special gift for Naomi.

The unicorn and elliebank are stunning, hope they are on show at home in pride of place.

Love to both of you.
Sarah xx